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  CBS    wusa 9 News at Noon  

    July 28, 2014
    12:00 - 12:31pm EDT  

the news at noon. i'm mike haiduk. metro's silver line with expanded service all the way
out to reston now. passed with flying colors. hank boarded the train to and from the five new stations. >> reporter: everything seemed to work well. through the rush hour like many days it picked up slowly. heading to the five new stations, by 7:00 the trains were handling commuters and metro says there were only minor glitches. so far the people who rode the lane this morning are giving it good reviews. whether it will stay that way when the crowds star coming back at the end of summer is a different story. >> it was great. i'm here at the office doing the reverse commute, avoiding 66. it is great. >> reporter: how much time did it save you? >> probably 10 minutes, not huge, but i was able to read and that was probably the more important thing. >> i heard it is a lot of people interested in a band donning cars. i like it. i love it, actually.
>> reporter: there were complaints from people heading to dc about the connecting buses but still, the reviews were good. >> it actually decreases my commuting time, which is very convenient. >> reporter: how about on a trip out to shop or something? >> definitely. i don't shop that much, to be frank, but when i do it will be much more convenient than driving, in tyson's corner, hank silverburg. even though riders might not have noticed very much different, their first commutes were good. >> reporter: not a lot changed cosmetically here at the largo metro. but that doesn't mean that commuters didn't notice a change here. we have been here all morning long, talking to them about how this new line is impacting
their commute. >> once james goodwin was out of bed, it was smooth sailing. >> i didn't have to wait for the blue line. >> reporter: he actually got here a few minutes early. for india bell, there was no change from last week. >> maybe two minutes per train. >> reporter: debra hill welcomed the additional line. >> i can get on either line the silver or the blue. it takes me to metro center. so i'm fine. >> reporter: the silver line will join the existing orange line and go all the way to largo town center. the number of trains increases now to 5 per hour. riders taking the blue line at largo will have to wait 12 minutes between trains during rush hour. the silver lane, however, will run every six minutes during
that time period. cheryl connor came in this morning from morgan boulevard. she plans on using the silver line for other reasons. >> can't wait. i have been dying to go to tyson's corner. >> reporter: her only complaint about the new line. >> i noticed on the pamphlet that for the community colleges that prince george's community college was not mentioned and i wonder why was that? >> reporter: i reached out to metro and asked them how they made that decision based on what schools. i will pass that along to you all. she did say each though her school wasn't -- even though her school wasn't listed, they are sitting pretty. it has made her commuteesier and almost, her commute, easier. nikki burdine, back to you. the numbers are coming in but metro reports during the first five hours this morning more than 9700 trips either
started or ended at one of those five new silver line stations. stay with wusa 9 for more live team coverage of the silver line openings. january jeff coat is going to anchor our coverage from mcclain. and the concerns on the impact on the blue line. police are investigating a homicide in montgomery county. a 47-year-old woman was found dead in her gaithersburg home yesterday. police got a call about a suspicious situation in a home on hallmark court. a man, believed to be the woman's husband, is now in police custody and is charged with murder. the district, strict gun laws, could be a thing of the past. the nation's capital bans handguns in public, but a federal court judge ruled that that ban is unconstitutional. the immediate effect of the ruling is unclear at this point. a group that advocates the
right to bear firearms helped bring a lawsuit against the district of columbia, and its police chief. jury selection is underway in the federal corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonald and his wife. the republican lawmaker and his wife, maureen, arrived at the federal courthouse in richmond this morning separately. the once powerful political couple is accused of taking money and gifts from a wealthy businessman. in exchange for promoting his company's products. peggy fox is in richmond with more. >> reporter: it will be a first in virginia. a former governor, criminally charged, headed to trial. bob mcdonell and his wife, maureen, will be tried together before a jury on a 14-count indictment. >> this trial is going to be perhaps the most amazing political trial we have seen in virginia. we have a governor, and we have a former first lady with the potential, actually, of going to jail. >> reporter: federal
prosecutors alleged mcdonells took $165,000 in loans and gifts from chron any william, and helped him promote his product. among the items mrs. mcdonell received a luxury shopping spree and dresses. the governor got a rolex watch, golf clubs and use of williams's ferrari and more. >> it is unclear if there was a nexus relationship. it is unclear if mr. williams and this is why his testimony will be so important, actually expected access. >> reporter: mrs. mcdonell is also charged with obstruction and both are charged with making false statements, applying if a bank loan. >> reporter: the former governor is expected to testify in his defense. his wife, is not expected to testify. for the prosecution, of course their star witness is johnny williams, who was granted immunity. >> in the mcdonell defense, they believe they are going to be able to impeach his
testimony by arguing he gave up the governor simply in order to get immunity for himself. >> peggy fox wusa9. peggy will be filing more reports from richmond during the evening's newscast today. we also have a criminal defense attorney in studio to discuss the case, coming up in about ten minutes. a man was killed by a rare lightning strike at a california beach this weekend. this was yesterday at southern california's venice beach. a total of 13 people had to be treated for injuries as electricity from the lightning rippled through the water and the sand. witnesses say the violent weather struck with almost no warning. >> reporter: people that were sitting in the sand on the beach felt the electricity come through the sand. >> they were coming up on the beach about how they felt like they got hit with a taser or something. >> it was felt in redondo beach
where the lightning actually started a car fire and singed a house. for us, we are watching an upper level storm system spinning up here through western new york and pennsylvania. more north of pittsburgh, but closer in, as we go into garrett county toward west virginia, now northern virginia here from winchester, a couple of sprinkles starting to show up spotty showers. the bigger story is the winds. gusts up to 30 in washington. and i think we'll get over 35 actually in the mountains a little bit later on. but you notice even in pax river, where the winds have switched to the west at 30, the humidity, which is still a
little high on the eastern shore, that is going to start to drop. the winds, they will be up by the afternoon. by 4:00 some of these gusts in the low to mid-20s, there is your gust in the 35 miles per hour range in the mountains. things have calmed down for tomorrow. looks like after this afternoon, a couple of sweet days coming our way. we are going to be back with more, right after this.
welcome back. the united nations and world leaders are calling for a truce in the deadly fighting in the middle east that just won't seem to stop. president obama called israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and urged him to find a way to end the war with hamas militants. pope francis also urged both sides to lay down their arms during his weekly address. israel and hamas have been unmoved by these pleas so far. it took all of ten minutes for
the fighting to resume after a fragile ceasefire expired yesterday. two americans in africa are undergoing treatment for testing positive for the ebola virus. this is a highly contagious virus, and it is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. the world health organization says this career's outbreak has killed more than 670 people in car and the disease is fatal in up to 90% of the cases and has no known cure. coming up on wusa9, crime fighting spiderman goes tow to tow with a -- toe to toe with a couple of new york city's finest. the silver line phase i construction started in march 2009. when complete the silver line will add 23 miles to metro. total cost of the silver
a 9-year-old girl was critically injured and her father killed when a small plane had to make an emergency landing on a florida beach. a 1972 piper jaffray cherokee made a distress call to the venice airport yesterday just before it landed on the edge of the water on coast. the officials say a 36-year-old georgia man and his daughter were either struck by that plane or debris from the resulting crash. the ntsb investigators are now headed to the scene. >> the last thing you would expect is a plane coming down and hitting someone. a wheel was knocked off, a pro pelller was bent pretty bad. >> reporter: the 9-year-old girl was airlifted to the hospital in st. petersburg. the two people aboard the plane walked away uninjured. a family's bid to swim the english channel came up short
this weekend. three siblings in the wall family were attempting to make the grueling journey but after six and a half hours dustin had to pull out. devin and daniel both made it to france in 11 and a half hours with jellyfish stings and hallucinations along the way. all three will try to swim it together once again. >> why? anyway. there are more calls for regulations involving a costumed character in times square. this time it was a man dressed as spiderman hitting the police officer. he was apparently unhappy with a dollar tip he was offered. he demanded more money, the police officer told the tourist she could donate whatever she
wanted. city say sometimes unsavory characters in times square just need to be pulled in. >> when the family chose not to give a larger tip, strawberry shortcake ripped off her head and started cursing at the family. >> what is wrong with people? really? the man in the spiderman costume is charged with assaulting a police officer. >> people are crazy. >> i'm thinking the guy really wasn't using his spider senses at all. >> you are from new york. what is the deal? >> that is funny. that would not be me. i wouldn't be in a costume in the first place. >> i just got back from vacation. absolutely surprised it is 82 degrees here in july. >> reporter: once again, we have another great cool down coming our way. tomorrow is one of those days if you can get out of work,
play hooky, do it. it is going to be stellar. even wednesday, west of the blue ridge. we have a mix of sun and clouds out. more sun south and east. mid-80s, maybe 86 or so, another two or maybe three degrees. spotty showers, coming out of the mountains here. the key also has been the winds. see these sprinkles from garrett county coming toward frederick county and toward shenandoah county. we have spotty showers, if you are out in winchester, strasburgburg, woodstock, also between upperville and front royal, staying south of persianville right now. sowe'll watch that. the key though with winds out of the west northwest is really drying out. dew points have fallen into the
50s in many areas. 49 in cambridge and st. pete. the dry air is just about to come across the bay, over toward you. your temperatures will be stabilizing. mid to upper 70s. leesburg and gaithersburg. manassas and even la plata. >> reporter: a temperature of 84, winds gusting to 30 miles per hour the dew point down to 57. this morning 68. still felt kind of sticky. thanks to this storm spinning in new york state and pennsylvania. see the clouds here, we have the instability because of the sunshine. a little bit cooler alost. that will bubble up clouds and spotty showers we are seeing on our futurecast. at 4:30 a lot of it in
pennsylvania, a better chance of the spotty shower, ought and east. then we are clearing out tonight, going to drop into the 50s and 60s. going to be nice, you can open a window. once again 86 this afternoon, breezy the isolated shower this afternoon. gusts to 30, so maybe windy would have been a better word. 64ton in dc. 55 and 56. 82 tomorrow, a spectacular day, again in the 50s and 60s on tuesday night. wednesday buffalo in the metro and east. west of the blue ridge a chance of showers and storms. by friday scattered afternoon storms, 85. the weekend saturday looks drier than sunday and that is good because we have the nats on 9 here on saturday
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back now to one of our top stories. today is the opening of the federal corruption trial against former governor bob mcdonell and his wife, maureen. here is a criminal defense attorney, gary gets felled, they have been, as a husband and wife, putting together a united front. today they showed up how? >> separate cars. >> is it a tactic do you think? >> no. i think all is not well in the mcdonell house hold. they have been under a lot of stress. them, you can see they have lost weight. going through and gearing up for a trial, particularly a federal prosecution, where, frankly, they could be looking at years of incarceration, remember there is no parole, also the prosecutors themselves are known as heavy hitters.
so they know what they are up against. and it's been stressful. >> so if you are defending the former governor, you say you need to be tried together seen together other rise and fall together? or would you advise to be separate? >> i think you always say clinched hands together, you know, put on a strong face. maybe the former redskin cheerleader is having a tough time and maybe riding in separate cars was a better decision, get to court, not be blaming each other. >> there has been of course, he is the governor who has a chance of being the first virginia governor ever to face prison time, but two, leading up to this, this has been a very salacious story for all types of media. there were plenty of articles in the washington post, we have done stories here, you have seen it everywhere. when you are trying to defend somebody like that, considering
you are a criminal defense attorney, picking a jury is a challenge right? >> picking a jury you have to understand, both sides have their own theme their own argument they want to make. so in the case of the federal government, what is their theme? what is their push? entitlement, entitlement, entitlement. >> you mean driving the ferrari, the rolex watches. >> the jets the loans, the money. >> the salacious part. how do you get around that as a defense attorney? >> well you come back with basically yankee go home. this is the virginia way, okay? we've rich tradition of letting gifts go to our elected politicians and to be fair, that is not unique. be candid. we have to leave it there. i could talk about this all day. that will do it for the news. we are back on tv at 5:00 and of coursement have a
great rest of the day, everybody. g3
>> jack: i should have told billy about ben's past the moment i found out. i didn't. i remained silent, knowing it was hurting my own brother for one reason and one reason only. >> kelly: oh, yeah? what's that? >> jack: because i love you, damn it! >> kelly: you love me? >> jack: it wasn't anything i expected or...even wanted at first, but... yes, i'm in love with you. >> kelly: why are you telling me this now? >> nick: victoria's mad as hell at you for what you did. >> billy: for what i did? >> nick: she asked you not to go digging into stitch's past, but you, of course, did not listen. >> billy: well, she's lucky that i didn't. my instincts were right about this guy. he's not who he says he